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Director and Committee 

Chao-Ning Liao
Title: Professor & Director of DSPMT
Email: liaocn@mx.nthu.edu.tw
Research: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics ,Urban Economics
Stephen Jui-Hsien Chou
Title: Associate Professor
Email: jhchou@mx.nthu.edu.tw
Research: International Economics, Industrial Organization
Ching-Yan Wu
Title: Associate Professor
Email: wuchingyan@mx.nthu.edu.tw
Wan-Chien Chiu
Title: Associate Professor
Email: wan-chien.chiu@mx.nthu.edu.tw
Research: Financial Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Systemic Risk
Pei-Yi Kuo
Title: Assistant Professor
Email: pykuo@iss.nthu.edu.tw
Research: Research: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI),
Consumer Health Informatics,
Behavior Intervention Technology,
Design Research