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Credits/ Required Courses/ Graduation Requirements for DSPMT

Minimal credits required for graduation:132 credits


NTHU Requirements, for students of all departments (30 credits)

  • University Chinese, 2 credits
  • English, 8 credits
  • General Education, 20 credits
  • Physical Education, 0 credits, 6 terms required
  • Student Service, 0 credits, 60 hours required
  • Merit 0 credits, Minimum of“Pass”(C-) each term

Required Courses of College of Management(24 credits)

  • Principles of Economics I. II
  • Accounting I. II
  • Financial Management
  • Management
  • Introductory to Law
  • Introductory to Civil and Commercial Laws/Introductory to Technology Laws (Choose one of the two)

DSPMT Requirements(14-16 credits)

  • Calculus I. II
  • Statistics I. II
  • Topics in Management and Technology

First Specialty (27-33 Credits):Choose one from the four programs (27-33 Credits)

1.Quantitative Finance Program (27 Credits)

Required(12 Credits)

  • Microeconomics I
  • Macroeconomics I
  • Big Data
  • Derivatives Financial Market

Electives (15 Credits) Complete 15 credits from the following courses

  • Mathematical Statistics I.II
  • Derivatives Pricing
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Financial Management
  • Investment
  • Microeconomics II
  • Macroeconomics II
  • Advanced Calculus I. II

2.Economy Program

Required(24 Credits)

  • Principles of Economics I. II
  • Microeconomics I. II
  • Macroeconomics I. II

Choose two of the four

  1. ) International Economics I. II
  2. ) Fiscal Finance I. II
  3. ) Money and Banking I. II
  4. ) Introduction to Econometrics I. II

Electives(3 Credits):Courses offered by the Econ

3.Law Program

Required(25 Credits)

  • Constitution
  • Principles of Civil Law
  • Civil Code-Obligations
  • Civil Law- Property
  • Family Inheritance
  • General Criminal Law
  • Criminal Law- Kind of Crime

Electives(8 Credits):Complete 8 credits from the following courses

  • Business Law I. II
  • Administrative Law I. II
  • Public International Law
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Civil Procedure I. II
  • Criminal Procedure I. II

4.Management Program

Required(6 Credits)

  • Fundamentals of Management Technology
  • Marketing Management

Electives(24Credits): Complete 24 credits from the following courses

  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment
  • Microeconomics I. II
  • Macroeconomics I. II
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • Digital Innovation and E-commerce
  • Business Analytics Using Computational Statistics
  • Media and Social Marketing
  • Analyzing the transition experience of Taiwan
  • IT Service : Theory and Practice
  • Management of Frontline Service Employees
  • Human Resource Management
  • Energy Decisions, Markets, and Policies
  • Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Management for Intellectual Property Rights

Second Specialty (25~33 credits):Choose one of the programs provided by NTHU.
  For those interested in taking a science/ engineering program as second specialty, it is highly recommended to take pre-requisites and preparatory courses of the program. Please refer to Division of Registrationfor further information.

Other electives (0-10 Credits):It is recommended to take pre-requisites and preparatory courses for second specialty.